Lead by example.

You know, in our family, it is best to lead by example. I can preach all I want about a change in lifestyle, a change in our diets, but if I not start it myself and show them that I am already living it, they won’t take me seriously. Lead by example is the best way to implement change in our family. Just like when I was looking for kneipp products – www.smallflower.com and my sister was teasing me about my goal of starting this year with a healthier diet. I told her that I am doing it but since she doesn’t really see me eating anything healthy the past couple of days, she thought I was not serious with it.

So, beginning today, I will eat healthy. It’s nothing grand, I should say, but I have cut down on my rice intake and have started cutting down on my sugar and sweets consumption as well.

All about entrepreneurship!

My younger brother is all about entrepreneurship these days. He’s been talking to friends and elders about it because he is seriously considering opening a business. He has a couple of options to choose from but before he decides on one, he wants to make sure that he can give his 101% in this endeavor. It all began with skirt hangers – premiertablelinens.com and a chat with an old college professor which turned into a brainstorming with his friends. He also talked to our Dad about it.

I am hoping that this business will push through. It’s about time someone in the family think of something beyond being employed. It gets old after a while. Yes, you are earning a big salary. But there is little fulfillment to it. A successful business which can be passed from one generation to another is something I want someone in the family to achieve.

Head to Montego Bay to Relax, Renew, Enjoy

Located in the northwestern corner of the island of Jamaica, Montego Bay, or “MoBay,” as it’s often called, is the second largest and fourth most-populated city in Jamaica, and one of its most popular tourist destinations. Backed by the Blue Mountains and perched on the edge of the sparkling Caribbean Sea, Montego Bay is famous for its beaches and its laid-back lifestyle.


With a population of just 100,000, this relatively small city features charming, colorful streets, a welcoming populace, and a wealth of things to see and do. It’s a favorite spot for tourists looking to boat, fish, dive, escape the cold of winter, or just get away from it all for a while.


Montego Bay has much to offer tourists. The coastline, which formerly featured mills and sugar plantations, is now lined with resorts that provide the perfect playground for those looking for a tropical respite. Foodies will enjoy both Montego Bay’s street food offerings and its fine dining establishments. Meanwhile, those who love golf will find themselves in paradise, with several world-class courses to choose from. There is also a wealth of culture to be explored in Montego Bay; this is a great place to experience Jamaican art, music and local cuisine. Continue reading

Trend: Altruistic Vacations Taking Off

One of the newest trends in vacations is not the typical time off and play getaway that most people look forward to every year, but a vacation where at least part of their time is spent on volunteer activities. Voluntourism and ecotourism are two of the hottest buzzwords in vacations, but the idea has been around for a long time. Spending your vacation volunteering to help people, communities, the environment or nature is a great way to immerse yourself in a local culture and come away with a real sense of satisfaction.

The Downside of Voluntourism

Some of the publicity about voluntourism has been less than positive. Much of the bad press involves unscrupulous orphanages, where children are exploited by the very people who are supposed to be helping them. Any type of volunteer or charity project is open to abuse, so if you want to make a difference, it’s imperative that you check an organization out thoroughly before committing yourself. Continue reading

A bountiful 2015 to all!!!


Here’s to a bountiful 2015 for all of us. It’s time to focus more on the core of society which is the family. We want change? Then, start within our selves! Start at home and spread outward.

My goal for the family this 2015: stability and good health.

Happy New Year everyone!
Stay safe and let’s keep God in our hearts.

Coming from a large family

When you come from a big family, it becomes imperative that you stay strong. Otherwise, you will be eaten alive by your stronger siblings. I know that for a fact because my dad came from a big family. A couple of friends of mine also came from big families. I, myself, comes from a big family.

No, the eating does not mean you will be maltreated. It’s just a figure of speech. Let me give you an example. There is a tumbler of fried chicken from KFC. You want the thigh part, the largest one. Of course, all your other siblings want the same. Now, if you really want to get the largest thigh part, then you need to be able to grab it first.

Course, this does not happen everyday. Most of the time, it is fun being a part of a large brood. But there are days…

Yes, there are days when chaos reigns in the house. Yes, there are days you are wishing for the miracle of peace and quiet. And there are also days, like today, wherein you get so emotional you just want to sulk in a corner and get over your emo moment without a sibling interrupting you.

Ahh… the joys and pains of coming from a big family.

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