Fun and Easy DIY Flowers


Getting married soon? Don’t worry about the flowers. Choose to go DIY via the superb website Bloominous, your one-stop shop for all your wedding flowers needs!

I swear, the creative juices in you will start pumping through your veins when you see the site with all your floral needs for the wedding. Bouquets not only for the bride but for everyone in her entourage as well as boutonnieres for the groom and his groomsmen, centerpieces complete with vases and accessories, as well as favors and other floral arrangements needed for the wedding, Bloominous has it.



It will be a tedious process in the beginning especially for the DIY-challenged people out there but as you get the hang of it, the whole process will become fun and easy. In one simple order, everything you need to create a beautiful centerpiece or bouquet will be sent to you, fresh flowers with stems cut and dethorned, accessories, vases and everything!

DIY is the way to go. Costs less and personalized, too. Try Bloominous now.

Being the older sister

SistersI never stop being the older sister when it comes to my siblings. When my sisters encounter a difficulty, even if they don’t tell me about it, I feel it when they arrive from work. I know when they sit down beside my work desk at home. I know even though they are silent the whole time they are organizing things before going to bed.

I know it because I am older and I’ve been there many times in the past.

And when I know that something’s wrong, I can’t help but feel overprotective over them. I can’t help but take over and try to solve the problem for them. I think it’s natural instinct especially since we don’t have a mother to fuss over us. I just pray I am doing the right thing for them. And that I am doing enough.

Looking for love.

These days, it seems as if every person around you is already committed to someone. Dating, going steady, engaged, already married. I tell you, they are all attached! They all have a special someone with whom to cuddle with during the cold nights. And I am not ashamed to admit that I am one of the very few still single. Don’t be ashamed to admit it, too! Don’t be ashamed to tell others that you are now at your wit’s end on where to find that someone you can call your own. It’s a good thing I am writing this to share with you that I found an online site called RomanceCompass where a special someone can be found.


I think a human being is basically looking for love. To be loved is a basic need of all of us so there is nothing wrong in looking for it when you can’t find one easily. Look everywhere! I believe in what others say that love can be found in all the unexpected places and circumstances. Take for instance online chat and online dating.

Who would have thought that online dating can produce life partners when it started? Well, it did and still does! I’ve heard of stories about a person falling in love and eventually getting married to someone they met via online chat and online dating. I personally know someone at work who found the love of his life via an online dating site. I also know a blogger who fell in love and got married to a man she met online. There are so many possibilities to meeting someone online and I believe in that.

So, let me tell you this. Open yourself to online chat and online dating, and the possibility of finding love online. You just never know if the one you will spend the rest of your life with is oceans away from you.

Disappointment and neighbors.

Disappointments are NOT meant to destroy you. They are meant to strengthen you.

I am a very nice person. I actually try to please everyone around me as much as I can. I don’t like arguments, disagreements, or any kind of negative stuff happening around. I keep to myself as much as I can, and try to let others live their own lives in peace (because I want them to do that to me, too). I am a firm believer of living by the golden rule.

But there was also the naive in me who used to believe that others have it in them to live peacefully the way I wanted everyone to. My bad. Because you know what? People are no longer like that. Prime example is my neighbors. They know that the noise level they create whenever they hold parties is enough to cause disturbance to families around them but they don’t give a damn! They will do as they please regardless if people are already sleeping or doing something important. It just boggles the mind how inconsiderate some people can be.

Yes, I am disappointed with my neighbors. I wish our whole family can relocate elsewhere as soon as possible. In a safe neighborhood where families have concern towards others.

Join the New Trend: Cook With America’s Oldest Oil

Move over corn oil, cottonseed oil is about to take your place as one of the healthiest cooking oils on the market. Although the American Heart Association and nutritionists have recommended corn oil for years as part of a healthy diet, new studies show that cottonseed oil is more effective in lowering bad cholesterol than corn oil, and it even provides an extra boost of Vitamin E. It looks as if cottonseed oil has finally found its name in the spotlight. And, since 71 million Americans suffer from high cholesterol, it couldn’t happen at a better time.

John Radcliffe, a registered dietician and nutrition and science professor at Texas Woman’s University, researched and documented some interesting facts in the comparison between corn and cottonseed oils. During his study, Radcliffe and his associates found that the research participants who consumed cottonseed oil instead of corn oil experienced a 13 percent greater reduction in their bad cholesterol levels. The results confirmed that cottonseed oil is the more effective choice when it comes to maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, a must for many people. What’s more, the cottonseed oil provided an additional two-thirds of Vitamin A, a key component in eye health, a strong immune system and cell growth.

Radcliffe’s findings aren’t surprising if you really think about it. The USDA has supported and regulated cotton crops in the United States for over 100 years. In fact, cottonseed oil is considered “America’s oldest oil,” having been produced for fuel and consumption since the 1860s. Many in the medical and food communities are starting to recognize the healthful benefits this tried-and-true natural product affords.

Many oils found on the market today are over-processed. Not so with cottonseed oil. This oil has been naturally extracted from cottonseeds for well over 100 years. When you consider the health risks linked to processed oils, such as those containing hydrogenated oils, it’s clear a natural choice is a better one.

Health benefits aside, using cottonseed oil makes for a flavorful addition to any meal. Cottonseed oil is light and has what most consider to be a mild nutty flavor. It is also one of the least “greasy” oils, so it won’t weigh down your foods. The oil has a high smoke point, making it safer than other cooking oils that catch fire quickly. Another benefit to cottonseed oil’s high smoke point is the hotter the oil, the quicker your food cooks. Your result is a lighter, less greasy fried food that was prepared in a healthier oil.

Custom-made furniture.

My sister R and I were talking last night about how we couldn’t find a decent master carpenter who can help us with the custom-made furniture we have in mind. First of all, we want to have a custom-made bunk bed for my sisters and I. Space is crucial to us so customizing furniture is the way for us to go. We also want cabinets made and installed. We want to have so many things customized at home so it is frustrating for us that we can’t find someone who can help us with our ideas.

kids desk

A home-office desk as well as a kid’s desk is also something that we want to get done. I wish there is a company out there who can help us but won’t charge us for an arm and leg in the process. My sister found a good custom-made furniture maker but when we started checking out the fees they are charging, we just closed the browser and forgot about them. Sky-high fees!


Anyone can help us?!?

A clean and walk-able sidewalk


It’s something I’ve been dreaming of for the longest time… a clean and walk-able sidewalk. A place where we can walk peacefully. A sidewalk that is not wet unless it rained. A sidewalk that is clean of dog or cat poop. And where there are trees to help clean the air around the it.

Unfortunately, we don’t have that from where I come from.


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