The love of a mother


When we were kids, money was not enough for us. We were seven in the family including my parents. Can you imagine how costly it is to bring up five kids? It didn’t end with food. There’s also clothes to wear, school to pay for, and other basic necessities that a child needs. Multiply that by five!

So there were days when we didn’t have enough food on the table. Seeing as it wasn’t enough for the kids alone, my mom would give up her portion for us to eat. She’s always sacrificing something so that we could have enough.

And did I mention that she did almost all the work at home? She gave up her dreams so she could be with and take care of us.

I don’t think there’s any that could equal the love of a mother.


Another dream laundry area

Laundry room

Another one found via Pinterest!

I posted about my dream laundry area in a previous post. You all know how I am dreaming of a new house and I also have my ideas of what the different rooms of the house will look like. Living room, bedroom, dining room, home-office, etc. One room that I intend to make perfect is the laundry room. In that brand new house, I don’t intend to have a helper so we will be doing everything including laundry. I want the laundry room to be inspiring and conducive to washing dirty clothes and stuff.

And these ideas from Pinterest are really making me all antsy to find that dream house…


Happy weekend! I hope you are all living in your dream houses. I will be. Very soon.


The importance of college education

If you ask me, college education is very important for us ordinary people. We don’t have money to invest in a business. We have no extraordinary skill that we can use as a tool to get hired by big companies for a post with a promise of promotion. We don’t have backers in high positions who can guarantee our easy entry into a good company.

So a college diploma is very important. We can say that there are persons in history and even in today’s generation who became successful even with very little education. That’s their fate! Plus they have done something extraordinary that made them successful. We cannot assume to reach the same in life. Almost always, we are left depending our success in life with our college diploma.

Can you blame a kid who doesn’t have a clear shot at college if he’s depressed and doesn’t have the urge to go out and do something?


Lead by example.

You know, in our family, it is best to lead by example. I can preach all I want about a change in lifestyle, a change in our diets, but if I not start it myself and show them that I am already living it, they won’t take me seriously. Lead by example is the best way to implement change in our family. Just like when I was looking for kneipp products – and my sister was teasing me about my goal of starting this year with a healthier diet. I told her that I am doing it but since she doesn’t really see me eating anything healthy the past couple of days, she thought I was not serious with it.

So, beginning today, I will eat healthy. It’s nothing grand, I should say, but I have cut down on my rice intake and have started cutting down on my sugar and sweets consumption as well.

All about entrepreneurship!

My younger brother is all about entrepreneurship these days. He’s been talking to friends and elders about it because he is seriously considering opening a business. He has a couple of options to choose from but before he decides on one, he wants to make sure that he can give his 101% in this endeavor. It all began with skirt hangers – and a chat with an old college professor which turned into a brainstorming with his friends. He also talked to our Dad about it.

I am hoping that this business will push through. It’s about time someone in the family think of something beyond being employed. It gets old after a while. Yes, you are earning a big salary. But there is little fulfillment to it. A successful business which can be passed from one generation to another is something I want someone in the family to achieve.

Simple meal shared by the family

simple meal

I love seeing a simple meal shared by the family. It always brings me back to the good old days when I was a kid and every little thing back then was simple and stress-free.

I saw a post by my best friend’s sister about a simple meal shared on her birthday. It made me smile! It reminded me of when my mom was still alive and she would cook for us every day.

Oh how I miss the good old days!


Anger management

You know there is something in me that I can’t control at times… my anger. That’s the big one! When I am angry, I can’t control my emotions. I guess that’s human nature, right? In my case, I tend to lash out at the people around me. It’s something that I am ashamed of but one that I can’t overcome. I try my best to be patient but I guess I can’t extend my very short fuse. I just can’t.

This afternoon I got angry with a family member. I didn’t care that we were in public. I really had to let out my anger or I felt I would just keel over and die! I was so angry that I wanted to leave all of them right then and there and go home by myself.

I don’t know why I am this angry. But I can feel the anger is just beneath the surface. A little trigger and I would explode! Do I need therapy? I guess I do, right?


I don’t know if I am making sense to you but I need to vent so there.

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