Kitchen reno on hold.


I am sad that our plan to renovate our kitchen is now put on hold. Some important things took place and what I was setting aside to fund the kitchen reno was used to pay for those things. I thought I could get the kitchen in order before the end of this month but I have to start saving up again first before proceeding with anything.

I am not dreaming of a grand kitchen. I just want a really organized one with more kitchen counter, cabinets, and storage for other supplies. I want a more secure mobile pantry. And I want a stove that is safer than the one we have now.

I am also thinking of what I can do with the lighting system. Right now, we have our kitchen lights on 24/7. I don’t want that in my newly renovated kitchen anymore!

I hope the kitchen reno will proceed by the last week of April.

*keeping my fingers crossed

Sunlight streaming in…




Obviously, I love a house with sunlight streaming in almost every room in it. Aside from the fact that it will save me a lot of money on electricity costs, sunlight inside the house also symbolizes positivity for me. Sunlight streaming in can mean blessings pouring into the lives of the persons living in the house.

I would love to have a house like this. We used to have one but with the development of the neighborhood, houses surrounding ours grew taller thereby blocking the sunlight that used to stream inside our house.

Soon, though…

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Custom-made furniture.

My sister R and I were talking last night about how we couldn’t find a decent master carpenter who can help us with the custom-made furniture we have in mind. First of all, we want to have a custom-made bunk bed for my sisters and I. Space is crucial to us so customizing furniture is the way for us to go. We also want cabinets made and installed. We want to have so many things customized at home so it is frustrating for us that we can’t find someone who can help us with our ideas.

kids desk

A home-office desk as well as a kid’s desk is also something that we want to get done. I wish there is a company out there who can help us but won’t charge us for an arm and leg in the process. My sister found a good custom-made furniture maker but when we started checking out the fees they are charging, we just closed the browser and forgot about them. Sky-high fees!


Anyone can help us?!?

Leader of the band

I attended an event and a band played the song The Leader of the Band. That song makes me emotional whenever, wherever it is played. Do you know why? I associate that song to my paternal grandfather and my father. They are the leader of the band, our family. I just find that song sweet but a little bit sad.

You know ever since my paternal grandmother died, Papang (our paternal grandfather) always looks sad and lonely. Understandable since they’ve been married and together for more than 50 years! Even though we would do stuff to cheer him up, he would always smile but go back to being sad after. He missed our Nanay (paternal grandmother)! How I wish we can do something more for our ‘leader’…

Blog under reno…


This blog, Under One Roof, will get a much-needed lift. It is currently undergoing renovation, an upgrade here and there, tinkering of colors everywhere, and some TLC.

I will retain the theme but some tweaks will be done, that’s for sure.

Meanwhile, you can still browse around and leave your mark (comment!), if you feel like it.

Happy weekend sunshine-y people!


Bonding over Catching Fire the movie.

Catching Fire the movie

My sisters and I together with the little girl went to watch Catching Fire yesterday at SM City North Edsa. It was really, really good! Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen and Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark are both great actors! They made us cry over some of the scenes especially that touching speech they made to the District 11 fallen tributes. My sister R said we should see it again and I agreed! Maybe later next week we’d catch it again in Robinsons Magnolia cinema.

One thing about my family and I, we are easily pleased. A movie is enough reason for us to be excited for weekend to arrive. A trip to the mall is also a cause for excitement already. Bonding over movies, food, and coffee is more than enough for us.

I thank the good Lord we are easily pleased and overjoyed over the little things.

Moving the big red barn!

It is a very unusual move that the Garcia’s did. They sold their farm for a much bigger one. The unusual thing in all of it? They are moving their red barn from their old farm to the new one! It is a lot of hassles since they can easily build a new one in their much bigger farm but old Mr. Garcia said that old red barn of theirs has a sentimental value to him and the missus they wouldn’t want to be parted from it.

So their son searched for a site for a lowboy trailer which they can use for the move. They are given one month to take what they will from their old farm and then after that, the new owners will move in.

It’s a lot of work but everyone in the Garcia family are happy to move into a larger farm.

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