Chillin’ at night.

Like those Columbus Paver Patios. That’s what I keep telling my Dad and siblings, that I like those patios I keep seeing online. I want one at home, too!

I can already imagine the family chillin’ at night at the patio with glasses of cold drinks or mugs of hot choco with little plates of dessert to go along with it.

Our family love to gather in a single place at home. You will usually find all of us in the living room, watching TV, talking or discussing something, or at the dining room eating. We are foodies so the last one is already a given. Ha-ha! So, while I was looking at the internet for some stuff for work, I happen to see this site with custom patios. I immediately bookmarked the site and when the siblings are already at home from work, I called them and showed them the site. And I am telling you, we all got excited planning to have one and what we can do to make it a great place to be together! One of my sisters volunteered to get a personal refrigerator that we can put in a corner of the patio. We can put drinks there. Another sister volunteered to get a small barbecue grill so we can use it whenever we feel like grilling something. And one more sister volunteered to get patio furniture we will need to make the patio more comfortable for the family. You can say that we are really excited and we all have grand plans for the patio. Funds will be contributed by all of us and we are hoping it will all come to fruition before Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, Dad is already calling up his close friends and relatives to plan Saturday barbecue and Sunday brunch with them. That patio better happen as soon as possible!

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Safe place to live.

You know what a Radon system can give families out there? A safe place to live. I think we all know how important a safe haven for all of us is. It is important that at the end of the day, there is a place anywhere in this world waiting for us, ready to provide the peace and quiet that we need and want. I am very particular with the safety of our home. From the beginning, I would tell my parents and siblings, again and again, that we need to keep our home safe from any kind of stuff which will bring us trouble, especially health-wise. And we’ve been vigilant. I’d like to think that we’ve been successful so far.

I have read that radon causes lung cancer and respiratory illness. A big no-no especially for my grandfather whose family has a history of respiratory illnesses. We can’t have anything triggering a start of a lung problem. He’s old but still strong. But you know how it is with old people, one small cold or cough can trigger an onslaught of sickness. We don’t want that for grandpa or even for my father or anybody in the family. I forgot to mention that I now have a nephew that we protect at all costs from whatever illness is out there.

So you can see at what lengths we go to just to ensure that our home is a safe place to live in. We do everything to make it clean and pest-free at all times. We do some general cleaning at least once every three months. And we get some people to help us out in discarding stuff that we don’t need. Also, I should mention that we get a professional to check our home once a year for repairs and maintenance. A safe place to live, that is what our home is all about.

Clean and healthy.

One of the things that my parents planted in our young minds is the fact that a clean and healthy set of teeth is an asset to a person. A bright smile with the help of dublin ohio dentists. Are my parents correct in telling us that? I know they are.

You see, clean and healthy teeth can make your smile brighter and your face glow. I am reminded of a friend who couldn’t open her mouth unless she had her hanky to cover it. She was so self-conscious about her mouth, having rotten teeth which in turn affected her breath. She was embarrassed about it, her parents not having enough to bring her to the dentist. It’s a good thing that we, her friends, were understanding, knowing her issues so we were able to help alleviate her embarrassment, somehow. But my suggestion to families out there, make sure you allot a fund for dental fees. Each kid needs clean and healthy teeth to boost their confidence. It will carry on when they get older and it will become a habit to them that they will pass on to the future generation.

That’s what my parents taught us early on. Make sure we brush our teeth after every meal and before going to bed at night. Make sure to keep dentist appointments. And always tell if something’s in pain in our mouths. Sensible lessons, don’t you think? And so easy to remember! My siblings and I have kept it in mind. Now that we’re older and one of us already has a kid of his own, we still keep those lessons in mind and have kept at the habit instilled in us by our parents early on.

What have your parents taught you about your teeth and gums? Have they told you to make sure it’s clean and healthy all the time?

Chill day with the fam!

Labor Day is fast approaching. The whole family plans to spend it at an uncle’s weekend retreat place. It will be a chill day with the whole family including numerous uncles, aunts, and cousins. It’ll be fun!

I am currently browsing this link for some musical instruments. Majority of my cousins love to sing and play. I am sure that they will be looking for stuff they can use to jam. I, myself, am looking for an acoustic guitar that my sisters and I can tinker with.

I can’t wait for Labor Day weekend to come. I can’t wait to see love ones I haven’t seen in a couple of months. You know how it is with work, everything else has to take a backseat until a holiday comes rolling in. It will be a weekend of catching up with lots of food and drinks, and good music in the background.

Can you guess how excited I am?


Love for cousins.

Who doesn’t love a thoughtful cousin? One my numerous cousins dropped by our house last weekend. She came from a business trip abroad and brought home a voucher for magnetic bracelets for me. Wow! Of course, I was touched by the gesture. It was generous of her. She told me that it was a token for the help I gave her when she was preparing for her wedding a couple of months ago. I said that it was nothing but that I appreciate the token.

I just love my cousins. I grew up surrounded by them, both boys and girls, younger and older than I am. I will always look back at my childhood with a smile on my face because of them.

Roof over our heads.

My sister and I have been talking over some renovations at home that I have in mind. We’ve been looking over Pittsburgh Pennsylvania roof power wash and one of the things in our list of items to be renovation or fixed at home is our roof. We will consult Dad after we finalize the list along with the budget.

Every summer here in our country, my sister and I make sure that our home is rain-proof and ready for any kind of calamity brought on by typhoons and storms. We don’t want to find ourselves drenched in rain water because we failed to anticipate the coming rainy season. We also don’t want to find ourselves with a broken roof over our heads because we forgot to have it checked, fixed or replaced. So this coming week, we are going to have it checked by professionals. The roof over our heads should withstand whatever kind of storm or typhoon to come in the country. It also needs to be able to protect us from the heat of the sun and other elements.

I know that we need to come up with a substantial budget not only for the roof but also for the renovation of the kitchen, master bedroom, and backyard. I already roped in my other sister and younger brother to help with the fund since we live in the same house, anyway. Both said yes. I really can’t wait for the house to look as I pictured it in my head. The budget is almost done. The list is also ready to be ticked off, one by one. All we need to do is get Dad’s approval and we’re good to go.

Hopefully, the renovations/repairs and maintenance will move smoothly and will be completed before the end of this month.

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