Disappointment and neighbors.

Disappointments are NOT meant to destroy you. They are meant to strengthen you.

I am a very nice person. I actually try to please everyone around me as much as I can. I don’t like arguments, disagreements, or any kind of negative stuff happening around. I keep to myself as much as I can, and try to let others live their own lives in peace (because I want them to do that to me, too). I am a firm believer of living by the golden rule.

But there was also the naive in me who used to believe that others have it in them to live peacefully the way I wanted everyone to. My bad. Because you know what? People are no longer like that. Prime example is my neighbors. They know that the noise level they create whenever they hold parties is enough to cause disturbance to families around them but they don’t give a damn! They will do as they please regardless if people are already sleeping or doing something important. It just boggles the mind how inconsiderate some people can be.

Yes, I am disappointed with my neighbors. I wish our whole family can relocate elsewhere as soon as possible. In a safe neighborhood where families have concern towards others.

Join the New Trend: Cook With America’s Oldest Oil

Move over corn oil, cottonseed oil is about to take your place as one of the healthiest cooking oils on the market. Although the American Heart Association and nutritionists have recommended corn oil for years as part of a healthy diet, new studies show that cottonseed oil is more effective in lowering bad cholesterol than corn oil, and it even provides an extra boost of Vitamin E. It looks as if cottonseed oil has finally found its name in the spotlight. And, since 71 million Americans suffer from high cholesterol, it couldn’t happen at a better time.

John Radcliffe, a registered dietician and nutrition and science professor at Texas Woman’s University, researched and documented some interesting facts in the comparison between corn and cottonseed oils. During his study, Radcliffe and his associates found that the research participants who consumed cottonseed oil instead of corn oil experienced a 13 percent greater reduction in their bad cholesterol levels. The results confirmed that cottonseed oil is the more effective choice when it comes to maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, a must for many people. What’s more, the cottonseed oil provided an additional two-thirds of Vitamin A, a key component in eye health, a strong immune system and cell growth.

Radcliffe’s findings aren’t surprising if you really think about it. The USDA has supported and regulated cotton crops in the United States for over 100 years. In fact, cottonseed oil is considered “America’s oldest oil,” having been produced for fuel and consumption since the 1860s. Many in the medical and food communities are starting to recognize the healthful benefits this tried-and-true natural product affords.

Many oils found on the market today are over-processed. Not so with cottonseed oil. This oil has been naturally extracted from cottonseeds for well over 100 years. When you consider the health risks linked to processed oils, such as those containing hydrogenated oils, it’s clear a natural choice is a better one.

Health benefits aside, using cottonseed oil makes for a flavorful addition to any meal. Cottonseed oil is light and has what most consider to be a mild nutty flavor. It is also one of the least “greasy” oils, so it won’t weigh down your foods. The oil has a high smoke point, making it safer than other cooking oils that catch fire quickly. Another benefit to cottonseed oil’s high smoke point is the hotter the oil, the quicker your food cooks. Your result is a lighter, less greasy fried food that was prepared in a healthier oil.

Custom-made furniture.

My sister R and I were talking last night about how we couldn’t find a decent master carpenter who can help us with the custom-made furniture we have in mind. First of all, we want to have a custom-made bunk bed for my sisters and I. Space is crucial to us so customizing furniture is the way for us to go. We also want cabinets made and installed. We want to have so many things customized at home so it is frustrating for us that we can’t find someone who can help us with our ideas.

kids desk

A home-office desk as well as a kid’s desk is also something that we want to get done. I wish there is a company out there who can help us but won’t charge us for an arm and leg in the process. My sister found a good custom-made furniture maker but when we started checking out the fees they are charging, we just closed the browser and forgot about them. Sky-high fees!


Anyone can help us?!?

A clean and walk-able sidewalk


It’s something I’ve been dreaming of for the longest time… a clean and walk-able sidewalk. A place where we can walk peacefully. A sidewalk that is not wet unless it rained. A sidewalk that is clean of dog or cat poop. And where there are trees to help clean the air around the it.

Unfortunately, we don’t have that from where I come from.


A new home.


I am praying from the bottom of my heart, wishing, hoping, calling on all the saints and angels up in heaven that we be able to find a new home, move into it, before this year ends.

We just want a quiet and safe neighborhood. I am praying we find good, considerate neighbors. I am praying that the new home we will move into is a place we can all grow old in.

And a place where my nephew, and future other nephews and nieces, will be safe to roam around and play at.

A father’s heartbreak.

Have you read about the arrest of Jackie Chan‘s son on possession of prohibited substance? It happened just yesterday, if I am not mistaken. Jackie’s son, Jaycee, along with a friend who is a Chinese actor, were caught with marijuana in their possession. As soon as he could, Jackie issued a statement regarding the matter. He said that as a public person, he is ashamed over what happened. As a father, he is heartbroken.

It just broke my heart reading that statement. I do believe that a parent can only do so much for his/her child. A father, as in the case of Jackie, can be there for his child every step of the way but it is still ultimately the decision of his child what he does with his life. I know this for a fact because I’ve seen this happen to people I know personally. We had a neighbor, an old woman, with a bunch of sons who were drunkards. You know, the old woman was a very kind person who was a disciplinarian and who didn’t tolerate her sons’ foolish ways. But see how they grew up? Trouble makers, the lot of them! Drunkards, trouble makers, and good-for-nothing husbands and fathers! So, where did the old woman went wrong in bringing up her kids? I don’t think she was at fault. It was her sons’ decisions to become who they are now.

It’s the same thing with Jackie’s son. He is an anti-drug czar so you can only imagine the shame his son’s arrest brought him.

I do wish every one of us will think a million times before doing anything that we know will not only affect us but also our parents and every one around us.

Kitchen reno on hold.


I am sad that our plan to renovate our kitchen is now put on hold. Some important things took place and what I was setting aside to fund the kitchen reno was used to pay for those things. I thought I could get the kitchen in order before the end of this month but I have to start saving up again first before proceeding with anything.

I am not dreaming of a grand kitchen. I just want a really organized one with more kitchen counter, cabinets, and storage for other supplies. I want a more secure mobile pantry. And I want a stove that is safer than the one we have now.

I am also thinking of what I can do with the lighting system. Right now, we have our kitchen lights on 24/7. I don’t want that in my newly renovated kitchen anymore!

I hope the kitchen reno will proceed by the last week of August.

*keeping my fingers crossed

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