Easily pleased


Our family is very mababaw. Easily pleased, that is. Even a picnic somewhere is a big deal for us already. We can hang out at a comfy place and talk to whole day away. We can be like that most of the time. Even in our living room, or when dining together, we can spend hours talking about anything and everything.

It’s an activity we bond over.

Information checked.

Being a prospective tenant is like being a candidate for a job post. You undergo a tenant background check so that the landlord can verify information you give him. To avoid a tedious and long process of verification, suggest to the landlord to use Tenantify. It is a service that is free for landlords and is fast and thorough, a great and easy way for tenants to get their information checked.

The process is this simple: the landlord will send a request for information to the prospective tenant. The information will be verified by Tenantify through safe and secure means. After one business day, results will be given to the landlord. Tenant will make payment after process is done. Fee is only $10 for employment verification or income verification. If landlord wants both done, a discounted fee of $15 will be asked from the tenant. Simple, don’t you think?

Are you a prospective tenant? Get your information checked by introducing your prospective landlord to Tenantify.

Adobong Pata


When I was a kid, a Sunday becomes special to the whole family when my mom would cook adobong pata (pork leg adobo). I come from a middle class family who regards expensive pork leg adobo and rice as a special meal already. My mom was a good cook and we loved her adobong pata. Whenever I smell or see one being cooked, it reminds me of when my siblings and I would oooh and aaahh whenever we saw my mom cooking one. We would be asking what’s the special occasion and if there’s none, we knew mom and dad had extra money. Hahaha!

My dad has a different version of adobong pata. It’s equally delicious. But these days, we seldom eat one because of high cholesterol. When we were younger, we didn’t mind it. But now that we’re older, we’re more conscious of the risk involved in eating pata. We reserve the dish for when we go to mom’s grave or when there’s a special occasion related to my mom.

Reading and us


One of the things I have in common with my sisters is that we all love to read. It’s only the intensity that varies. What I mean is that my sister Rox and I are the ones who read the most, and as often as possible. My sister Kat, since she’s always busy in school, reads on school breaks. My other sister, Vi, is not much into books but she loves reading Reader’s Digest and other business magazines. Reading is definitely one aspect of our lives that we share the most.

Fun and Easy DIY Flowers


Getting married soon? Don’t worry about the flowers. Choose to go DIY via the superb website Bloominous, your one-stop shop for all your wedding flowers needs!

I swear, the creative juices in you will start pumping through your veins when you see the site with all your floral needs for the wedding. Bouquets not only for the bride but for everyone in her entourage as well as boutonnieres for the groom and his groomsmen, centerpieces complete with vases and accessories, as well as favors and other floral arrangements needed for the wedding, Bloominous has it.



It will be a tedious process in the beginning especially for the DIY-challenged people out there but as you get the hang of it, the whole process will become fun and easy. In one simple order, everything you need to create a beautiful centerpiece or bouquet will be sent to you, fresh flowers with stems cut and dethorned, accessories, vases and everything!

DIY is the way to go. Costs less and personalized, too. Try Bloominous now.

Being the older sister

SistersI never stop being the older sister when it comes to my siblings. When my sisters encounter a difficulty, even if they don’t tell me about it, I feel it when they arrive from work. I know when they sit down beside my work desk at home. I know even though they are silent the whole time they are organizing things before going to bed.

I know it because I am older and I’ve been there many times in the past.

And when I know that something’s wrong, I can’t help but feel overprotective over them. I can’t help but take over and try to solve the problem for them. I think it’s natural instinct especially since we don’t have a mother to fuss over us. I just pray I am doing the right thing for them. And that I am doing enough.

Looking for love.

These days, it seems as if every person around you is already committed to someone. Dating, going steady, engaged, already married. I tell you, they are all attached! They all have a special someone with whom to cuddle with during the cold nights. And I am not ashamed to admit that I am one of the very few still single. Don’t be ashamed to admit it, too! Don’t be ashamed to tell others that you are now at your wit’s end on where to find that someone you can call your own. It’s a good thing I am writing this to share with you that I found an online site called RomanceCompass where a special someone can be found.


I think a human being is basically looking for love. To be loved is a basic need of all of us so there is nothing wrong in looking for it when you can’t find one easily. Look everywhere! I believe in what others say that love can be found in all the unexpected places and circumstances. Take for instance online chat and online dating.

Who would have thought that online dating can produce life partners when it started? Well, it did and still does! I’ve heard of stories about a person falling in love and eventually getting married to someone they met via online chat and online dating. I personally know someone at work who found the love of his life via an online dating site. I also know a blogger who fell in love and got married to a man she met online. There are so many possibilities to meeting someone online and I believe in that.

So, let me tell you this. Open yourself to online chat and online dating, and the possibility of finding love online. You just never know if the one you will spend the rest of your life with is oceans away from you.

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