All I want for Christmas…

beautiful living room

… is a brand new house in a peaceful and quiet neighborhood. That’s all I want for Christmas!

I don’t think that’s too much to ask, right? I don’t think it’s impractical because I am asking for a peaceful home.

I am sick and tired of the noise coming from the neighbors. I am sick and tired of the way the whole ‘hood looks as we are often mistaken for being a squatter’s area. We’re not. Only we are unfortunate enough to be surrounded by people who live like pigs! I am also, for the nth time, sick and tired of people who are disrespectful and morons to begin with!

I am not feeling the Christmas spirit right now because I am angry. I don’t want to be but it has been years that this is done to us. We are very considerate neighbors to them but what do we get in return???

If only I have more than enough money right now I would have packed our bags and moved out!

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