Today would have been my Mom’s 56th birthday. Sadly, she died 8 years ago when she was just 48.


You know, it may seem overly sentimental to some but life is just not the same without a mother in the house. Life will never be the same ever. There is always something missing. Whenever I feel happy about something, I would turn to my side forgetting that Mommy isn’t with us anymore. When we went to our first family trip, we kept on thinking about her. No, missing her won’t diminish the happiness but if she’s still here, the happiness will overflow. That’s for sure.

I just wish we had more time with her. But such is life. It’s short for most people so we better make sure we spend more time with the people who truly matters in our lives before it’s too late.

Happy birthday, Mommy!!!

You will forever be in our hearts.

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