Help from a child

helpI am aware that a child does not have a responsibility to provide for his parents. It is the other way around. When a child is already of age, he has to make his own life and it is understood that he will separate from his parents to create his own family.

But there are circumstances when a child needs to help his parents. Let me tell you a situation here…

A father was working very hard to provide for his wife and kids. He gave them everything they needed and wanted. A roof over their heads, good food, good education, clothes to wear… everything! And more… toys, gadgets, pricey footwear. The father would not think of getting any for him because everything he had was only for his family especially his kids.

And then tragedy struck. The father was diagnosed to have a rheumatic heart. He was not fit to work anymore. He was asked to resign from his job and he went home with close to nothing. He rested for a while thinking he could bounce back but people, family and friends, noticed the decline in his health. His body grew weak, he lost a significant amount of weight, he looked pale despite his tan, and he was always short of breath. He went to work in a local car shop repairing cars and all. He almost had a heart attack! He was rushed to the hospital and he stayed there for days. His doctors warned him not to go back to work anymore as it would kill him but after a few days of rest, he went back to work. He had to as his kids are in school and they have needs. His wife is helping him out doing odd jobs but it’s not enough. They are renting a small space, the kids are all in school with one in college, two in high school, and the youngest in elementary. They also have to eat and pay the bills.

helpSo the eldest was asked to stop studying for a while. He was hired by a car shop as an errand boy. He is the only one earning aside from his parents. Of course, those who know of their situation are all relieved knowing the boy can somehow replace his father so the latter can rest. You know what? The child is working for himself alone! The father who continuously loses weight and looks sick every single day continues to work. The mother is doing odd jobs to help. But the boy, knowing his father’s health is continuously deteriorating, is hesitant in helping his family.

It was really a shame! I guess in this case we all know that the child needs to help his parents. He doesn’t have to for the rest of his life but just now until his father can go back to his healthy self. He has the rest of his life to go back to college. For now, he needs to help his father if he doesn’t want him to just keel over and die.

Unfortunately, it looks like the boy doesn’t want to help. When his father was still working and earning a big salary, he was given every little thing he needed and wanted. Now that his father desperately needs his help, he is half turning his back to him.

It is truly a sad situation. Family helps one another. A child gives his parents unconditional help when desperately needed. I hope the boy realizes this before it’s too late.

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