I believe in this…


You know why? I’ve met some pretty amazing individuals in my life who have shown much more kindness not only to me but to my family more than the relatives we have. Individuals who are not blood-related to us.

Let me tell you about my godfather, Jose. He’s been a constant figure in my childhood up to the time I was in college. He would be in our home asking if there’s something he could help with. Fixing stuff, repairing something. He’s always been the handyman in our lives. He and my dad have been best friends for years and years. I am the only godchild but he would also treat my siblings the same way. When I had a gift, my siblings would also have one for each of them. He treated us that way ever since I can remember. He’s there for my parents through the good and bad times.

He only ‘disappeared’ in our lives when he finally found the woman he chose to spend the rest of his life with. He’s a late bloomer of sorts. He married when he was already in his 40’s. He moved far away in the south. We would see him from time to time. He would visit us whenever he’s visiting his family living just a street away.

He’s family even if we’re not of the same blood.

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