Coping with a loved one’s death.

Hard. That’s one word to describe coping with the death of a love one. It actually feels like you are being ripped in two. That’s how painful it is. You don’t know if you can continue living because the reason for your being is now gone.

When my brother died, it felt surreal. It was the first time someone very close to me died. Someone in the family, gone. It didn’t sink in until I saw his coffin being lowered to the ground. I didn’t cry as much because I couldn’t believe that my brother was gone. It didn’t feel real until we commemorated his first death anniversary.

I remember my mom crying every single day. Whenever she saw something of my brother, or something that reminded her of him, she would quietly sob. It was heartbreaking! I was already coping with the loss while trying to console my mom from the grief of losing her son.

Talia1998 when my brother died, he was only 15. Fast forward to 2005, it was my mom’s turn to go. It was the same roller-coaster ride of negative emotions accompanying a sickness in the family and eventual worsening of the loved one’s condition. And then, of course, this was my mom we’re talking about. I think we can all agree it is hard to lose one’s mother no matter how old we are.

It is hard to cope with a loved one’s death. No matter how many condolences you get, no matter how many people would try to cheer you up, no matter what everyone would say to you, life will never be the same because a part of you have gone with the person who passed away.

I am just reminded of my brother and my mom’s death when I saw the news that Talia Castellano has passed away this morning. That kid fought one hell of a fight! I really hope she will continue to become an inspiration to all the kids out there who are struggling with their sickness and its acceptance. Knowing you are sick is not easy to take. Moving on and living with that sickness is even harder. Talia showed all of us that we can still live a great life even if your days are already numbered.

Rest in peace, Talia. You have finally gotten your wings, kid!

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