Case Study: My Experience With Pets

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Fish Tank. There are a number of great benefits derived from owning a fish aquarium. People into Fengshui practice strongly believe that having a fish pond or aquarium around the home stead brings good luck to them financially and in other ways. Fengshui is not a strictly a scientific discipline and as such,this article refrains from endorsing it as a way of attracting wealth. You might be surprised to learn that scientific research has credible data that endorses the owning of a fish pond or aquarium. Did you know that simply focusing your gaze at a pond or empty tank that contains only sea weed and stones has the benefit of reducing the rate at which your heart beats by a cool 3% and that this rate goes does to 7% when fish are introduced? University of Exeter and Plymouth researchers have agreed that watching fish in motion in motion lowers people’s heart rate and blood pressure. An authority called Dr.Schwartz has reported that aquariums have the amazing ability to lower a person’s level of anxiety and stress. Experts and authorities in the field of psychology or therapy suggest that arranging to have aquariums in potentially stressful situations or environment may have therapeutic effects on the individuals working in such environments or involved in some way in such situations,like when you are waiting for your turn at your dentist’s waiting room. Now that you really want to go out and buy a fish tank,please read on before you but to avoid making mistakes. The size of the fish tank that you will buy is a crucial consideration before you commit your dollars to such a project. The amount of aquarium maintenance work and the kind of fish you buy for the tank is determined by the size of the tank. The recommended number of fish to keep is 1 inch length of fish for every 4 litres of water;this should practically guide you on the size.
Getting Down To Basics with Tanks
Think of the amount of money you plan to spend on the project. Small tanks may just cost you under 200 dollars while larger custom set ups will set you over 20,000 dollars back.Pay some attention to the cost of the fish you plan to keep,keeping in mind the set budget.
On Products: My Rationale Explained
Think about the space that you have available and can use for the tank set up. Of course you need to have enough water around considering that you will be required to change about 15% of the fish tank volume very few days. Decide on the size of the tank you want,whether 50 litres,100 or 200 litres tanks or whichever size works for you and enjoy the soothing capacity afforded by introducing a nerve soothing aquatic world into your interior environment.

What You Should Know About Products This Year

Understanding The Importance Of Clothing Labels One of the most important factors for a clothing designer are the clothing labels that they have. It is the clothing label that will represent the product that you have no matter .how small or large your business is. The moment that you will have a clothing label, then it is you that will also be able to advertise your product and brand to your clients. The moment that you will be using clothing labels, then you will be able to introduce your clothing liner to the public. And that is why it is important that you will be able to choose the right clothing label for the clothing line that you will be having. Being able to tell your customer about the company that you have and your quality standards can be determined by the clothing label that you will also be having. You need to make sure that the clothing label that you will be choosing has a high quality so that it will be able to last for a long time. An easily readable and high-quality clothing able is crucial so that clients will be able to recognize the brand that you have. It is the clothing label out there that will not be created equal and with the same quality. Clothing labels that have different varieties is what you will be able to see in the market today. And that is why it is important that you will understand the different things regarding clothing label. This is crucial as choosing a clothing label is one important business decision that u will have.
Patches – Getting Started & Next Steps
There are two basic categories that clothing labels have when you will be looking for it. They can either be printed or woven labels. It is the printed clothing labels that will most likely be on polyester, nylon, satin, acetate, and cotton twill. It is the printed clothing labels that will be available in different options. It is the ink that they will be using that is one of the factors that you needed to look into in a printed clothing label. You have to make sure that the ink will be able to last for a long time despite many washes. Compared to any other clothing label, it is the printed clothing label that is less expensive.
Products – My Most Valuable Advice
When talking about clothing labels, one common type that you can have is the woven one. The common material that components of this one are either taffeta, satin or damask. When choosing a woven clothing label, there are also a number of options that you can have. What you can get with a woven clothing label is that they will never fade over time.

Doing Resources The Right Way

Tips on Selling Music on Sites for Musicians to Post and Share Their Tunes Nowadays, the world is more digital than ever before and many music lovers get most of their music on the web. There are several sites where musicians distribute their songs. Other business people, who are not necessarily musicians can create playlists and sell songs. You may therefore distribute songs online by using the tips below. Choose the type of songs which you want to sell so you are focused on getting a fantastic following. Deciding upon the kind of songs you will specialize in will also help you pick the sites to post your songs. For instance, you may opt to concentrate on selling reggae music online. This way, reggae music lovers will adore you. Get high quality audio music. This is important because the listeners will only buy what appeals to them and also refer others to the same. The very best method to ensure your songs music is of superior quality would be to use music that is recorded in a studio and also to listen to it yourself to make sure it sounds great before you upload it to music sites.
Getting Creative With Songs Advice
Label your songs properly so that people are able to recognize it. That means that you music should have critical information like the name, the artist’s name, and also the album. If you are selling your own music, then you need to build your brand so as to get a huge following. But if you’re selling music that belongs to other musicians, it is always best to choose renowned artists, albums or songs. These are likely to draw much traffic to your playlists.
News For This Month: Songs
Create your own website so that you can brand it the way you wish and publicize it. A blog can be a good site to sell your music too. For a breakthrough, you can blog about the songs that you are distributing. For instance if you’re selling audio baby songs, it makes sense to blog about baby online music or even parenting. Parents are likely to search for audio baby online playlists and while they are reading about parenting, find your collection of lullabies and other infant music on your blog or site. Pick easy payment procedures. When people find it simple to download and pay for their songs, they’re very likely to return to your music collection and refer their friends. But if it is difficult, they may get discouraged and thus you will be losing on fans. Finally, share links to your music widely. Use friends, family and social media connections to reach wide populations. You can post on your Facebook accounts and pages, twitter, Instagram and other social media to increase your distribution of songs.

Short Course on Resources – What You Should Know

Ways Of Creating Awareness On Nature Environment awareness is something that is crucial in the lives of human being. There should be need of everybody living to promote the natural environment. Many people have been involved in the campaign to help in preserving nature. There are human activities that degrade the environment in one way or the other. Some of the activities though done without knowing the impact have contributed to environmental pollution. It is, therefore, necessary to educate people on the ways and the benefits of preserving the environment. It is not easy convincing people that there are some advantages of keeping safe the environment, but with some tactics, it can be possible. The following ways can aid in this campaign. Start creating the awareness at a tender age. It is possible to make the young minds capture the importance of this issue since they are not thinking about so many things. At this level one can be taught the benefits of keeping our environment safe.This idea should mostly target school going children. The school teachers can make this easier. The children can be made to participate by planting trees in their schools. There should be days in schools that are set aside for making the global. This idea will help in creating a safe place for people to live. The parents can also contribute by telling these children more about this issue.
Doing Resources The Right Way
Every country and state should have a national day that is set aside for making the environment green. This day should be made public and known to every citizen. The participants should be motivated to convince people in getting into the idea deeply. It can be made more serious by having the heads of states participating in this issue and growing some plants to make the day memorable. Individuals should also be taught the effects of burning the trees and cutting them as well.
The Essentials of Wellness – Revisited
With the help of famous persons and recognized institution this campaign can gain fame. Some individuals will only take the matter seriously when it comes from respected persons. The individuals will understand the importance of participating in the building of nature. Through these organizations, it can be possible to raise money that can help in watering the plants and planting more trees. There are ways of creating the awareness and the use of adverts is one of them as it can spread the news faster. Through repetitive adverts, it will be easy to capture the attention of many people. Some individuals will try to do what they see being said about conservation of the environment. It will be easy to let a huge number learn through this idea. There should include movements that support the campaign that will save the environment.

Some Mistakes Women Make with Online Dating Profile Pictures

So you’re ready to get out there. You’ve joined eHarmony, set up your profile, and now you’re looking for pictures. You realize all of your recent pictures are selfies, with friends or even worse – with your ex.

You try to cut people off in the pics or blur their faces, hoping it’ll do. But you don’t get a lot of messages from relevant matches. What’s the deal?
People really do judge a book by its cover. When it comes to your online dating profile, your photos are the cover, so choose wisely.

I teamed up with to find the most common dating profile image mistakes and how you can fix them – using my own images as real life examples.

1. Cutting People Out / Group Shots

The problem: According to eHarmony, matches who received the least amount of communication were those who included a very narrow portrait photo, where it looked as if they had clearly cut out the person next to them. If you choose not to cut people out, it brings up a whole other issue. Men are forced to figure out who you are in the shot or they begin making assumptions about who those people are, and it can lead to them losing interest.

The solution: Full body image of just you by yourself. Men are visual creatures and they want to see all of you. Here I am at a cancer walk a few years back. It’s one of my rare full body shots, but I had to cut my dear friend out vs. a full body shot taken by DHS.

2. Using Filtered Photos

The problem: You decided to go through your Instagram to find some photos and you sure do love that Valencia filter. Thing is, a study by the University of Connecticut showed that men viewed women with enhanced photos as more attractive but less trustworthy.

The solution: Go with a shot that shows your face clearly and without the filters.
Here I am at a wedding a few years back with lots of filters vs. an above the waste shot without the filter.

3. Not Smiling in Your Photos

The problem: A study by the University of British Columbia revealed that men were most attracted to photos of smiling women. This isn’t a huge surprise. Men both online and offline look for cues that you are approachable and a smile gives them an indication that you are.

The solution: Leave the sultry looks off of your dating profile and smile in your photos.
Here’s my mean mug selfies vs. a close up shot of me smiling by DHS.

4. Not Showcasing Your Real Personal Style

The problem: Most of us are not taking pictures every day. We leave pictures for while we’re on vacation or on the beach and then we wonder why we’re not attracting the professional man.

If your pictures are suggestive, they’re going to attract a certain type of attention. If your pictures are you bumming on the beach or partying with your friends, they will attract a particular type of guy.

The solution: Dress to impress in your online dating profiles. If you’re not the jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, make sure your profile expresses that. Have your pictures reflect your personal style in all aspects of your life and the type of person and attention you are looking to attract. If you’re serious about finding love with the right man, make sure your pictures reflect it. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so you might as well make it a good one.

Some Reason Men are More Distant in Relationships

Women immerse themselves in their romantic relationships, while men place their romantic partners on an equal but distant footing, according to research from Oxford University.

The study shows that, generally, women are more invested in their relationships than men and that their happiness and well-being is more dependent upon how things are going in their intimate relationships.

Is this a surprise to you? It’s not a surprise to me.

After all, who’s usually the one who recognizes when things in the relationship aren’t working too well? The woman. Who is it that typically seeks professional help for the relationship? The woman. Who is it that mostly spends time reading self-help books and going to seminars about relationships? The woman. But why is it this way?

Women are biologically wired as the nurturers. They’re the ones with the skills to anticipate the needs of their partners, take care of nurturing the relationship and do the problem solving when things have gone awry. Men are more biologically wired as the providers and protectors. It’s not that the relationship isn’t important to them; it’s just that they show it in different ways — by working hard, establishing a career, and maintaining an emotional distance.

You may ask yourself, “How can I change him? How can I make him more involved in this relationship?” I say, you shouldn’t — so don’t even try.

The simple fact is that men and women are different. 

They tend to have different benefits in relationships but they are both interested in intimacy. Young adult women tend to focus mostly on their need for connection. This manifests in having children, creating homes, and nurturing their intimate relationships. That’s not to say women don’t have careers. They do but most prioritize these connecting activities.

Most young adult males focus on their need for significance. They’re interested in making their way in the world and having an impact. This is not to say they don’t have relationships, start families, and create homes. They do, but their priority is typically focused on work.

This dynamic tends to shift in middle age as children leave home. Women believe they’ve invested and sacrificed for their family and now it’s their turn. They go back to school, change careers or develop their own businesses. At this same stage of life, men tend to realize their children are gone and they missed a lot. They’re tired of the rat race and feel ready for connection. So, in a lot of ways, men and women flip roles.

These differences make relationships interesting. Imagine if both of you focused on connection at the same time. You’d feel blissfully happy with each other … but nothing would get done. Similarly, if you are both primarily focused on significance, then you’d have financial success … but have little in the way of intimacy.

Recognize the differences. Embrace the differences. And appreciate what you both bring to your relationship (and don’t forget to tell each other of your appreciation). Allowing each person to embrace who they are and celebrating that will do the best job to increase the intimacy in your relationships.

Simple Ways to Raise Your Feminine Energy

You are a powerful, smart, and driven woman. You excel in your career, are a go-getter and a doer. You’ve honed in on your masculine energy to help take charge but you find yourself burned out, tired, and out of balance.

This is occurring because your feminine and masculine energies are out of balance. You see we all (men and women) need a balance of our feminine and masculine energy, but as career driven women, we often put our feminine on the backburner.

Why is feminine energy so important, especially in our love lives? It helps to ignite the attraction vibes that magnetize men and increases your clarity and confidence.

Being in your feminine is as easy as practicing your “CHARMS,” a powerful acronym I’ve created to help you raise your feminine energy.

C stands for CREATE.

Creativity fuels our feminine energy when we allow the creative process to simply let us be. To be creative is to let go of perfection and control because we are not attached to the final outcome. Our concern lies in our ability to express ourselves.

Practice being creative by creating something out of nothing or expressing yourself through art.

H stands for HAVING FUN.

A lot of the women I’ve spoken to want a FUN life, but when I ask them how they are having fun NOW I hear crickets!!

There is something magnetic about a woman who enjoys her life, has fun, laughs, and smiles. Her energy is contagious and you want to be around her, you want to enjoy life with her.

A stands for ALLOWING.

A woman utilizing her feminine energy has the ability to allow others in, to receive from others. She doesn’t need to do everything on her own. She knows when to ask for help and when to lean back and allow others to do for her.

Look for times at work, home, and with loved ones where you can allow and ask for help.

R stands for RELAX.

Relaxing is all about letting go and being in the present moment. Not allowing the to-do lists, the emails or notifications get in the way of simply being. When we are able to relax and be present, we are able to connect to everything around us in a much more profound way.

From meditation to massages, pick your favorite way to relax and do it for 30 minutes today.

M stands for MOVE.

Movement is about creating fluidity between your mind and body. It allows you to stay connected to your body and to clear your mind. It also serves our need to stay healthy.

Biologically speaking men are attracted to a healthy woman that they can procreate with. Don’t take this as a need to be slim and fit, it’s a need to be healthy enough to run around and ‘practice’ procreating, even if you are past that part of your life.

S stands for SHARE.

Sharing is where vulnerability begins. By sharing our truths and ourselves in an authentic way, your feminine energy distresses, lets go, and is able to sustain.

By practicing sharing with other women in your life, you will nurture your femininity and sharing with men will become easier for you.

In practicing your CHARMS, your intention is to:

  1. See how you show up and how you feel when you commit to self-care and accountability.
  2. Identify the things that make you feel more feminine, clear and free, so that you can add them into your regular routine.
  3. Figure out where you get stuck and which parts you struggle with so that you can continue to work on that aspect of your life

First Dates Are Most Likely to Lead to Marriage

If you want to form a lasting relationship, it might feel like there’s a lot of pressure on that first date. But according to a new study by the dating site PlentyOfFish, you don’t need to do anything extravagant with someone for you two to have long-term potential. In fact, of all the first dates people can go on, the most popular among now-married couples are the simplest.

The study, which included 1,100 former PlentyOfFish users who are now married, found that more than 65 percent of them went out for a meal or apps on their first date with the person who is now their spouse. The second-most popular date was going for a walk, followed by coffee or drinks—all minimalistic activities that make your conversation the main event. And, according to psychotherapist Katherine Schafler, that’s what makes these dates so effective.

“Less is more when it comes to first dates,” she says. “The less complicated the interaction is, the more likely it is for a potential partnership to emerge because you’re not distracted, leaving you more able to focus on the other person, how you feel around them, and whether an attraction is building.”

While there’s something to be said for [cute date activities] (, you might want to save these for the second, third, or fourth dates, when you’ve already gotten to know each other a bit more. Why? “When you choose big activities for a first date, it’s possible you focus a little more on whether you like the activity as opposed to the person you’re doing the big activity with,” Schafler says.


Woman Needs a Weekend to Herself

Unlike most college-aged kiddos, my sights were never set on studying abroad. I never dabbled with the idea of taking time off to backpack around Europe or do a gap year in Asia to find my zen. Instead, I was that overly high-strung type-A personality that began saving to move to New York from North Carolina from age 15, worked overtime to graduate early from college and made the 800-mile journey sans job or apartment. I knew where I wanted to build my life and that I wanted to be a writer, so I didn’t consider a passport as necessary as my metro card.

I stayed on the straight-and-narrow path of becoming an established writer until an emotionally traumatic breakup with a guy 8 years my senior threw me for a loop. I had been living in New York for just over two years, and while everything was still glimmering with hope and possibility, my heart was broken from so many failed promises. It was after a night of restless sleep and wrestling with mascara-stained pillow cases that I remembered the map of the world that I’ve hung in every apartment I’ve ever rented. Just like there was so much love I had left to experience, there was so much of the world I’d never stepped on.

I decided it was time to take a trip, all by myself.

And though my first voyage was domestic – to Puerto Rico – my yearly tradition of exploring the world independently has taken me from Cancun, Mexico to London and many more destinations. I’m still holding out for that magical man, wherever he might be, but in the meantime, I’m working on exercising my passport and thus, my world perspective by traveling as much as I can. If you’ve considered taking the first step on a solo trip, let me be the first to tell you: every woman (and every man, for the matter), should travel alone, at least once or as often as they can.

Here are some reasons why:

You make your own rules – and friends.
When I visited London, I badly wanted to shop for antiques in the historic, colorful streets of Notting Hill, so I hopped on the tube and navigated my way through the various connections. After finding an old necklace to call my own, I settled in at a cafe for some reading and coffee, and was greeted by a group of friends who wondered where I was from. And when I did that first trip by myself to Puerto Rico, a threesome of local medical students invited me to drink with them, telling me all of their stories from the island. And when I was in Mexico, meeting friendly strangers was never difficult, especially when you share an affinity for snorkeling or parasailing. When you take a weekend by yourself, you get to call the shots and build your own adventure. There are no time constraints and no deadlines to meet – you get to experience the culture and meet those who create it, without worrying about anyone else’s opinions.

You can splurge on what means the most to you.
I try my best to save costs whenever I travel anywhere, thinking the more I save, the more places I can check off my bucket list. But there are certain amenities and experiences that I want to have in every region I visit, and to me – the keeper of my wallet and financial decisions as a single woman – those things are worth the cost. I often upgrade my flight for a small fee (or with the help of a travel credit card) to sit near the front of planes so I’m last on and first off. I always bring back a souvenir that’s locally made and can be proudly displayed in my home. And I dine at restaurants that are highly recommended. While in Mexico, I enjoyed a luxe meal at Porfirio’s, where the guac had grasshoppers and the churros were brought out on a mini-truck to the table. And yes, while the decor was incredibly romantic, with rose petals floating in fountains, I didn’t feel sad to be alone. I felt thankful to have the experience and the delectable food in my tummy.

It builds your confidence.
Likely my favorite part of solo travel isn’t even how I feel when I arrive, but when I leave. My last night, as I go to bed with the door open in Mexico, letting the waves rock me to sleep or overlook the skyline in London, in awe of it’s charm, I think of how far I’ve come as a person, as a woman, as a professional. The legs that get me to these destinations are my own, the journeys I go on are from my own savings account and doing. The dreams that I’ve made come true are due to my own hard work and spirit. The sense of accomplishment – and gratitude – is enormous when I pack my bags and look back on the hotel room one last time before hitching a ride to New York. It’s a reminder that while I might be single and I may crave a partner to share these experiences with, I’m damn proud of what I’ve created, without any man, any person, any help, at all.

And though he will come one of these fine, fine days, I hope I always have at least a weekend… just to myself.

Some Modern Signs Your Relationship Is Getting Serious

Sometimes the best relationship advice you can get is the acknowledgment that relationships are always changing. The big signs that the bond between you and your partner is getting serious—you leave stuff at his house, she plans a weekend away for the two of you—still hold true. But what about the little in-between moments, when you’re not sure whether something means nothing or everything? Decades ago, you’d give a girl your pin or letterman jacket, or add them to your speed dial. But nowadays we’re left relying on more subtle cues. These 13 actions and behaviors are pretty good, very modern signs that your relationship might be moving to the next level.

1. You’re saved in each other’s phones.
I’m the kind of person who saves every single number forever. It’s why my contacts list is a trash heap full of the parents of kids I used to babysit and I will text the wrong Emily on the first try nine times out of 10. But for a lot of people, putting a name to a number is a big step. It’s the first step toward commitment.


2. You give them your Netflix/HBO password.
This is intimate AF. Anyone with your password could give it to anyone else or, even worse, f-ck with your to-watch list.


3. You wait to watch a show with them, and vice versa.
Deciding to wait on watching the latest episode of Westworld because you’d rather spend time with a new partner is one thing. Deciding to wait until you can watch it with said partner is a whole other. You’re changing your viewing schedule—truly a commitment. The most important thing when you’ve reached this stage is to make sure it’s a two-way street. If you’re dutifully waiting to watch the latest OITNB until your girlfriend’s caught up but then she spoils the latest This Is Us for you, hell to the no.


4. Your love is on Instagram.
Oh, you use Instagram to store and share pictures of whatever you’re into that day, and if your new maybe-boyfriend is in the picture, well, that’s just how it goes? We call bullshit. If he’s ’gramming you, it means he doesn’t mind other girls assuming he’s taken. And if you’re ’gramming him, girl, you are showing off and you know it. Not that everything a woman does is about a guy or her relationship to a guy. But Instagram is for bragging. This is such a fact that it might as well be in the Terms of Use.


5. You watch porn together.
Ain’t nothing like the real thing, but if you and your partner are into porn, showing them what kind of random/freaky/hilarious/personal shit turns you on is actually super vulnerable and shows a real level of comfort between the two of you.

6. You’re dead serious about personality quizzes.
It’s not going to work out if, based on your Netflix/pizza topping/lipstick color preferences, one of you is destined to live in Fiji and the other in Belarus. Take it again. No, take it again and this time don’t say you want just plain cheese pizza, what is wrong with you? Oh my. This got serious.


7. Deleting dating apps.
It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve found The One, but if you’ve stopped searching, it definitely means something. If you’re not in an exclusive relationship, there’s no reason not to keep Tinder-ing to your heart’s desire (or your crotch’s desire, whatever you want). But ask yourself: If you like the person you’ve been seeing, why are you sitting on your couch staring at your phone instead of sitting on your couch staring at them? And if you found out they were doing the same thing, lookin’ around for some stranger, how would you feel? And then swipe right. Adventure awaits.


8. Texting during the day.
If it’s not about when you’re meeting up next and just about your random thoughts, your relationship is fully A Thing.


9. Adding their family on social media.
First come the photo tags, then the inside jokes on the feed, and then suddenly you’re getting friend and message requests from her mom. Tread carefully. If you accept, her whole family’s going to be scrolling through your profile pictures. But if you decline, you might stop a good thing before it starts. Best to give it at least 24 hours between request and response to think it over, no matter the platform…though I guess there’s not much you can do if your Twitter or Insta aren’t locked. It happens!


10. You exchange phone passcodes.
My mom doesn’t even know my passcode, but mostly because I’m sure she’d accidentally delete all of my apps. When you give someone your passcode, it’s basically carte blanche to snoop. They say they won’t. But they might, and they probably will. And you trust them anyway!


11. It’s Facebook official.
Obviously, this is a big one. It might not seem like a milestone, per se, since it’s just about making the relationship public. But in a healthy relationship, going public means that you’re on really solid ground in private. Once it’s on Facebook, there’s no going back; randos from middle school will know about your relationship, and they might even notice when/if it ends. You’ll get comments and even questions about how you met, how long you’ve been together, etc. Y’all better be on the same page.


12. Making the other person your lock screen.
I read somewhere (OK, it was Tumblr) that the lock screen pictures of today are like the locket pictures of old: a way to keep a little reminder of a loved one with you at all times, for your eyes only yet prominently displayed, easily accessible, and always on hand. How friggin’ cute is that?


13. Sendin’ nudes.